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Somewhere between a pinch and a dash is a smidgen, and when it comes to good cooking, a smidgen can make all the difference! Smidgen is the home cooking podcast of Red Stick Spice Company. Join host Anne Milneck as she talks about food, home cooking, how to use spices, and the joy of making flavorful meals that your whole family will love. You'll also get to follow Anne into the Red Stick Spice Test Kitchen for a live cooking session that will give you the meal inspiration you're looking for. 

Jul 20, 2023

It’s too dang hot, y’all.  If the thought of cooking in the kitchen has you crying right now, Anne Milneck, chef and owner of Red Stick Spice Company shares 8 cooldown recipes to help you take the temp down just a bit. Make the most of produce that’s available now; get some sumptuous sips; indulge in some frozen sweet treats that are sure to make summertime memories.

What recipes can I make to cooldown and beat the heat?

- Are you intrigued by ice box cakes and pies? Make some space in the freezer for these delights:

              - Refreshing Blueberry Lemon Ginger Ice Box Cake is one to try

              - Chocolate lovers rejoice for Red Stick Spice Co’s Chocolate Ice Box Pie

- Legendary Lime Cracker Ice Box Pie from Kenji Lopez-Alt (lime and Ritz crackers?? Tell us more!)

- House favorite Eggplant Parm Burgers get a shout-out on this episode (hint: make these! Thank us later.)

- Peachy keen! Make Peach Salad with Pepper Jelly Vinaigrette

- The requisite Red Stick Spice Company quick pickled item: Sweet Quick Pickled Cucumbers

- Afternoon nibble idea: Strawberry Bruschetta with Strawberry Balsamic

- Corn on the cob gets an upgrade with Elote! Make it for your BBQ:

- Morning, noon, or night: Squash & Corn Fritters

- Talk about childhood memories: No Churn Vanilla Ice Cream

- Frozen Cantaloupe Agua Fresca and Watermelon Bellinis are two drinks you can sip year round but are especially appreciated now

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-Read Anne’s blog post with all her cooldown recipes here:


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