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Somewhere between a pinch and a dash is a smidgen, and when it comes to good cooking, a smidgen can make all the difference! Smidgen is the home cooking podcast of Red Stick Spice Company. Join host Anne Milneck as she talks about food, home cooking, how to use spices, and the joy of making flavorful meals that your whole family will love. You'll also get to follow Anne into the Red Stick Spice Test Kitchen for a live cooking session that will give you the meal inspiration you're looking for. 

Nov 21, 2019

S2E2 We are getting to the bottom of a question heard daily at Red Stick Spice Company: How do I use spices? Last week, Smidgen hosted Rosemary Gill from Milk Street for her take on using spices. In this episode, Smidgen host Anne Milneck speaks with producer Catherine O’Brien for Anne’s take on the how, when, and why of spices. The cooking segment brings it all home with a recipe that uses a surprising spice (well, surprising for a cookie) and utilizes a technique that will transform your baking.

Cooking Segment: Anne and Lili Courtney prepare Molasses Cookies with Garam Masala in the Red Stick Spice Co. Test Kitchen.

Mentioned on the show:

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