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Somewhere between a pinch and a dash is a smidgen, and when it comes to good cooking, a smidgen can make all the difference! Smidgen is the home cooking podcast of Red Stick Spice Company. Join host Anne Milneck as she talks about food, home cooking, how to use spices, and the joy of making flavorful meals that your whole family will love. You'll also get to follow Anne into the Red Stick Spice Test Kitchen for a live cooking session that will give you the meal inspiration you're looking for. 

Jan 9, 2020

S2E7 We’re throwing it back here on the Season Two Finale of Smidgen to some vintage recipes that are making a comeback. Do you have memories from your young days of parents pulling out “fancy” china for entertaining and making certain dishes that are for special occasions only? Smidgen Host and Owner of Red Stick Spice Co. Anne Milneck speaks with Lili Courtney about some of these dishes, and our intrepid chefs give some makeovers to chicken tetrazzini, hummingbird cake (Southern Living Magazine’s number one, most viewed recipe EVER!), 70’s style cocktail meatballs (served in a crock pot, OF COURSE, with a sidecar of rainbow colored toothpicks), seven layer salad, and trifle.

Cooking Segment: Part trip down memory lane, part tasty food analysis, Anne and Lili update vintage tastes to our modern palette. Inspired by their conversation, Lili and Anne head over to the Red Stick Spice Co. Test Kitchen and update cocktail meatballs and whip up a hummingbird cake trifle. Tis the season to entertain, and both these dishes would be a delicious compliment to any gathering.

Mentioned on the show:

- RECIPE: Sweet and Sour Meatballs with Pine Nuts and Currents. Lili is sharing her meatball recipe for you to try and wow your friends and family

- RECIPE: Now’s the time to get the trifle dish out of the back shelf for Hummingbird Cake Trifle OR serve in individual glasses (like a stemless wine glass or a martini glass)

- Shhh! Don’t tell anyone it is store bought ice cream! Anne’s Mother’s Romanoff sauce is cool and delicious

- The original Southern Living Hummingbird Cake Recipe is on their website here

- Ooh la la, customer favorite Champagne Pear Chardonnay Vinegar makes a grand appearance in the cooking segment

- Capital Heights Spice is versatile, full of shallots, citrus, and nutritional yeast. Plus, it’s salt-free

- We enhance all the flavors of the Hummingbird Cake with the Red Stick Spice Co. Pumpkin Pie Spice (banana loves cardamom!)

- Use discount code SMIDGEN15 to save 15% your entire order at Red Stick Spice Co.

Did this episode inspire you to update your own favorite vintage recipes? Also, this is the last episode of Season Two—we’ll miss you while we’re away, but we would love to know if there’s anything you want to hear about on Season Three. Tell us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

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