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Somewhere between a pinch and a dash is a smidgen, and when it comes to good cooking, a smidgen can make all the difference! Smidgen is the home cooking podcast of Red Stick Spice Company. Join host Anne Milneck as she talks about food, home cooking, how to use spices, and the joy of making flavorful meals that your whole family will love. You'll also get to follow Anne into the Red Stick Spice Test Kitchen for a live cooking session that will give you the meal inspiration you're looking for. 

Apr 21, 2022

How do you keep pizza dough from springing back when you’re making pizza at home? We get our question from Mary, student of the Pizza Masterclass at Red Stick Spice Company. Mary was trying to stretch out her dough and it would not cooperate, instead the dough wanted to stay in a ball. Smidgen host Anne Milneck brings on pizza expert Cara Peterson of Go Eat Concepts and Rocca Pizzeria in Baton Rouge to talk all things pizza making at home. (Cara also happens to be the instructor of the Pizza Masterclass at Red Stick Spice.)

This episode is going to inspire you to try new toppings and new techniques for pizza at home. We can’t guarantee that your pizza will be a perfect circle (surprise—it doesn’t have to be!) but we know you’ll be a better pizza chef after listening to this episode.

Mentioned on the show:

- Make Cara’s fresh, from scratch pizza dough and try your hand at Neapolitan Pizza

- What is proofing and how many proofing stages does pizza dough go through?

- When should I start my dough if I want pizza on Friday?

- If I don’t want to start pizza dough from scratch, what options do I have?

- What are some toppings I haven’t considered for pizza at home?

- I don’t have a hearth or woodburning oven. How can my normal conventional oven make great pizza?

- THIS SETTLES IT: Does pineapple belong on pizza?

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If this episode doesn’t inspire you to throw a pizza party, we don’t know what will. We look forward to seeing the homemade circles (or ovals) you create to make your own homemade pizzas. Follow Red Stick Spice Co socials, including FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

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