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Jul 18, 2019

There are a couple kitchen skills that are worth learning (and some that can have a huge impact on your home cooking), and Smidgen host Anne Milneck is here to tell you that making stock and broth at home can be a game changer. Our own tireless champion of the home cook Anne is interviewed by podcast producer Catherine O’Brien to learn why stock and broth are fundamentals of cooking, why we’re hearing about bone broth all the time, and how easy and doable it is to make stock and broth at home. By the end of the episode, we’re confident you’ll be setting up a veggie cuttings freezer bag and planning your first batch of homemade broth.

After the stock talk, Anne and store staffer Madeline are in the Red Stick Spice test kitchen making the classic pairing of Curried Tomato Bisque and Slab Grilled Cheese. This is a real crossover meal—the soup is made with homemade stock and for fans of the sheet pan, that’s the tool that brings the crunch to our slab grilled cheese. Several of our own spice blends bring this meal to the next level of crowd-pleasing goodness—explore Vindaloo Curry, Madras Curry, and for garlic lovers, the Garlic Curry is a must.

Mentioned on the episode:

  • What is the difference between stock and broth? What is bone broth and why is it so popular? Anne explains all (and gives practical tips for making stock, storing stock, and using stock.)
  • Feed-a-crowd Curried Tomato Bisque made with homemade vegetable stock is the perfect dish to practice your stock making skills.
  • Put your own spin on the bisque with any of the Red Stick Spice Co.’s curry powders such as Garlic Curry, spicy-spicy Vindaloo Curry, or the savory Madras Curry.
  • While you are making the Slab Grilled Cheese, take a listen to our Sheet Pan Suppers episode (one of our most popular shows to date!)
  • Poaching chicken is a great way to make a quick chicken broth. We use this technique to make our Curried Chicken Salad. We poach the chicken with a big handful of spices including Tellicherry Peppercorns and Cardamom. Turn the poaching liquid into a great broth for sipping or for the base of soups, stews or curries!
  • As promised: shrimp stock-- Sweet Corn and Shrimp Soup with Smoky Bacon. A show stopper with tons of flavor from our Salt Free BBQ Shrimp Seasoning.
  • Listen to the episode for a discount code exclusive to Smidgen listeners.

Do you have a veggie stock bag in your freezer? We’d love to take a peek at your stock makings on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter! We can hear the crockpot lids now in anticipation of folks making their own stock.

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